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Falling Interest in Catholicism Online

Interest in Roman Catholicism appears to be falling worldwide according to a new analysis of Google searches published on 3 June on the Nineteen Sixty-Four research blog of the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) at Georgetown University … Continue reading

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Anglicans Trialing Web-Based Data Capture

The June 2011 issue of In Review, the newssheet of the National Church Institutions of the Church of England, reports that six dioceses (Bradford, Lichfield, Manchester, Newcastle, Southwell and Nottingham, and Worcester) have been trialing an online data collection system … Continue reading

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Methodism’s Triennial Returns

‘Statistics do not provide a complete narrative about the health of the Church. Headline figures must be treated with caution and understood as only limited measures of Church activity. The use of figures in isolation from wider contextual information can … Continue reading

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Turbulent Priest?

The nation is split down the middle about whether senior clergy should comment on political issues, according to a new survey. This follows the Archbishop of Canterbury’s guest-editorship of last week’s issue of the left-leaning New Statesman magazine, which provided … Continue reading

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Immigrant Religiosity

First-generation immigrants to the UK are three times as likely as natives to claim to attend religious services at least weekly and to pray in private daily. They are also more religious than immigrants to most other European countries on … Continue reading

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Telling the Story of the 2001 Religious Census

Much has been written about the results of the religion question in the 2001 census of population of Great Britain, but rather less is known about how that question came to be asked in the first place. This followed a four-year … Continue reading

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Is the BBC Christianophobic?

‘The BBC “is ageist and anti-Christian”: that’s the verdict of the Corporation’s OWN survey’, ran the headline over an article by Paul Revoir in yesterday’s edition of the Daily Mail, although the paper’s reporter had to confess that ‘it is … Continue reading

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Attitudes towards Different Religious Groups in Britain: Survey Data Sources

This post highlights some of the survey resources – available for general usage – which allow researchers to examine public views towards religious groups in Britain. The three surveys used are the European Values Study, the Pew Global Attitudes Project surveys, and the British Social Attitudes surveys.
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