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Equality Duties and Schools

Even before the Public Sector Equality Duty came into effect on 5 April 2011, thereby extending the legislative diversity responsibilities of public bodies to religion or belief, more than nine-tenths of maintained schools had already built religion or belief into … Continue reading

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New Reports from the Pastoral Research Centre

The Pastoral Research Centre (PRC), the Roman Catholic socio-religious research institute established following the demise of the Newman Demographic Survey (NDS) in 1964, has launched two new series of reports on Catholic schools in England and Wales. They are all … Continue reading

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Is the BBC Christianophobic?

‘The BBC “is ageist and anti-Christian”: that’s the verdict of the Corporation’s OWN survey’, ran the headline over an article by Paul Revoir in yesterday’s edition of the Daily Mail, although the paper’s reporter had to confess that ‘it is … Continue reading

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