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Thoughts on Trends in Church Attendance

The recent debate over whether church attendance has reached a plateau, hosted here, at the Church Mouse blog, and The Guardian, has been of great interest. As a religious statistician and consultant, and editor of the seven editions of Religious Trends, I’m taking the opportunity to offer additional interpretation of the data. Continue reading

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UK Defence Statistics, 2010

We reported earlier in the year ( on the statistics of religious affiliation in the armed forces collected by the Defence Analytical Services and Advice (DASA) section of the Ministry of Defence and annually published online in UK Defence Statistics. … Continue reading

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Counting Catholics

Andrew Brown of the Guardian has just written a very interesting article on the problems of calculating the size of the Catholic community. The Catholic Church defines the Catholic community as those people who have been baptised living within England and Wales. Continue reading

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Methodist Statistics for Mission Report

The Methodist Church of Great Britain has always been one of the most numerate of the Christian denominations in this country. It began the regular collection and publication of statistics as far back as 1766. In recent decades, while collection … Continue reading

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Harvest Festivals

Some form of public thanksgiving, secular or religious, for the successful bringing-in of the harvest can be traced back to pagan times in Britain. However, harvest festival services, in the sense with which most of us will be familiar from … Continue reading

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Integrated Household Survey – First Release of Data

New estimates of the religious profile of Great Britain were published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on 23 September, in the form of the first release of data from the Integrated Household Survey (IHS) for April 2009 to … Continue reading

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The Sun Shines Some Light

BRIN readers might not naturally think of The Sun, perhaps Britain’s most famous weekday tabloid newspaper, as a source of religious intelligence. However, as part of its polling contract with YouGov, it did add a couple of questions on topical … Continue reading

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How Many Muslims?

The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life published on 16 September a table giving estimates of the Muslim population of each country in Western Europe in 2010. This formed part of a press release about a new Pew report … Continue reading

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How Many Catholics?

As part of its coverage of the papal visit, the BBC has compiled a webpage entitled ‘How many Catholics are there in Britain?’ This will be found at: It brings together disparate data from several sources, in particular: Clerical … Continue reading

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Sex Abuse and the Papacy

The latest opinion poll connected with the papal visit was published by CNN (for whom it was conducted by ComRes) on 17 September, Pope Benedict’s first day in England. A representative sample of 2,028 adult Britons aged 18 and over … Continue reading

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