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BRIN is hosted at the University of Manchester. The project was originally funded between 2008 and 2010 by Religion and Society, a major research programme of the ESRC and AHRC. BRIN was subsequently recognised by the British Academy in 2014 for its infrastructural value to research, and accordingly is recognised as one of a small number of Academy Research Projects.

The project is directed by Dr Clive Field OBE and Professor David Voas.

Clive Field

Clive Field

Clive is Honorary Research Fellow in Modern History at the University of Birmingham, and also an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Manchester. Until 2006, he was Director of Scholarship and Collections at the British Library.

Clive conducted extensive research into historical statistics of British religion during the 1970s and 1980s. He co-edited the major directory Reviews of UK Statistical Sources: Religion (ESRC and RSS, 1987).

His other research interests are in:

  • churchgoing in England since the eighteenth century
  • the social history of Methodism
  • churchgoing in Kent, 1500-2000
  • religious beliefs and attitudes in Britain during the Second World War.

A selection of Clive’s academic work can be found via his personal website: http://clivedfield.wordpress.com/.

David Voas

David Voas

David is Professor of Social Science in the Social Research Institute at University College London. A demographer by training, he has research interests in the sociology of religion, in fertility and marriage, ethnicity, and value change and religious change in modern societies. He also has methodological interests in national and international studies using census and survey data.


Siobhan McAndrew



Siobhan is Senior Lecturer in Politics, Philosophy and Economics in the Sheffield Methods Institute at the University of Sheffield, and Project Manager for BRIN. An economic historian by training, she has research interests in religion and values, well-being and ill-being, and the social science of culture.


The following have contributed to BRIN through providing research support, data entry services, graphic design and IT support: Joe Beech, Peter Blore, Elenora Haag, Hayley Limmer, Joe Pritchard, Pradeep Sharma, Sam Smith, Fiona Wilford.

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