You can find charts, maps and data tables in this section.

Religious Affiliation and Attendance from 1983
Attitudes towards the Disestablishment of the Church of England
Attitudes towards Gay Rights
Attitudes towards Immigrants and Immigration Policy
Belief in Britain, 1939-2009
Conventional Religious Belief
Alternative Religious Belief

British Household Panel Survey and Understanding Society, 1991-2019
Census 2001 Maps of Religious Affiliation
Census 2001 Tables
Christian and Secular Youth Organisation Membership, 1951-2011
Church Attendance in Britain, 1980-2015
Churches and Churchgoers, 1700-1971
Clergy, Members and Church Numbers by Religious Tradition, 2000-2006
Faith Schools in England, 1998-2015
Hindu, Muslim and Sikh Adherents, 1961-2011
Muslims’ Attitudes and Attitudes towards Muslims
Registered Mosques, 1915-1998
Registered Places of Worship in England and Wales, 1999-2009, 2016
Religion and Attitudes to Major Political Parties, 2014-2019
Religion and Party Preference, 2019
Religion in Prison, 1975-2015
Religious Affiliation and Political Attitudes: Findings from the British Election Study 2010
Religious Studies Examination Numbers, 1993-2015
The 2005 English Church Census
The 2008 British Social Attitudes Survey
The Roman Catholic Community in England and Wales
Trust in Clergy, 1983-2015

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