Belief in Britain, 1939-2009

Drawing on the treasure trove of historical opinion poll data, we present here a comprehensive set of data tables and charts illustrating changing patterns of religious and superstitious beliefs over the post-1945 period.

Compiled by Clive D. Field from opinion poll and social survey data.

Belief in the Afterlife, 1939-2008.
Belief in Angels, 1995-2009.
Belief in Guardian Angels, 1998-2009.
Belief in Astrology, 1985-2008.
Belief that the Bible is of Divine Origin, 1984-2008.
Belief that the New Testament is of Divine Origin, 1960-1993.
Belief that the Old Testament is of Divine Origin, 1960-1993.
Belief in Black Magic, 1973-1995.
Experience of Déjà Vu, 1973-2003.
Belief in the Devil, 1957-2006.
Belief that Dreams Can Predict the Future, 1998-2007.
Experience of Dreams Predicting the Future, 1998-2003.
Belief that it is Possible to Communicate with the Dead, 1940-2007.
Belief in ESP, 1998-2007.
Belief in Faith Healing, 1968-2006.
Belief in Fate, 2005, 2007.
Belief in Flying Saucers, 1973-1995.
Belief in Forecasting the Future, 1973-1995.
Belief in Fortune-Telling, 1951-2008.
Reported Experience of Having Fortune Told, 1951-2007.
Belief in Ghosts, 1950-2008.
Reported Experience of Seeing a Ghost, 1973-2007.
Belief in God or Life Force, 1947-2009.
Importance of God in Respondent’s Life, 1981-2005.
Belief in a Personal God, or God as a Life Force, 1947-2000.
Belief in Heaven, 1968-2008.
Belief in Hell, 1968-2009.
Belief in Horoscopes, 1951-1995.
Belief in Hypnotism, 1973-1995.
Belief in Divinity of Jesus Christ, 1957-2008.
Belief in Christ’s Resurrection, 1996-2008.
Belief in the Nature of Christ’s Resurrection, 1984-2008.
Belief in the Virgin Birth, 1984-2008.
Belief in Lucky Charms/Mascots, 1973-1995.
Possession of a Lucky Charm, 1999-2007.
Belief in Magic, 2005-2007.
Historical Accuracy of Gospel Miracles, 1984-1996.
Belief in Religious Miracles, 1991-2008.
Belief in Near Death Experiences, 1997-2003.
Belief in Out-Of-Body Experiences, 1997-2006.
Belief in Psychics or Mediums, 1998-2004.
Consultation of Psychics or Mediums, 2004-2007.
Belief in Reincarnation, 1968-2008.
Belief in Resurrection of the Dead, 1990-2000.
Belief in Sin, 1981-2000.
Belief in a Soul, 1979-2009.
Belief that Breaking a Mirror Brings Bad Luck, 1979-2000.
Belief in superstitions, 1946-2007.
Belief that the Number 13 is Unlucky, 1979-2007.

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