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Article contents


1. Statistics Collected by the State

1.1         Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

1.2         Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries

1.3         Recent Developments

Notes to Section 1

2. Statistics Collected by Faith Communities

2.1         Established Churches: Church of England

2.2         Established Churches: Wales and Scotland

2.3         Free Churches: General

2.4         Free Churches: Methodists

2.5         Free Churches: Baptists, Congregationalists and Quakers

2.6         Free Churches: Other Denominations

2.7         Roman Catholic Church: Before the Second World War

2.8         Roman Catholic Church: After the Second World War

2.9         Ecumenical Initiatives: National

2.10       Ecumenical Initiatives: International

2.11       Non-Christian Faiths: General

2.12       Non-Christian Faiths: Judaism

2.13       Irreligion

Notes to Section 2

3. Statistics Collected by Other Agencies

3.1         Social Investigators

3.2         Opinion Pollsters

3.3         Academic Researchers

3.4         Print and Broadcast Media

Notes to Section 3

4. Future Needs and Prospects for Religious Statistics

Notes to Section 4

Appendix 1

Select Bibliography of the Religious History of Modern Britain


Church of England

Free Churches

Roman Catholicism




New Religious Movements




Appendix 2

Recent Publications on the 1851 Religious Census of England and Wales

General Commentaries

Local Studies

Appendix 3

Contemporary Regional Studies of Religion as Social Capital in England and Wales

Appendix 4

Church of England Clergy Visitation Returns of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

Primary Sources: Editions of Returns

Primary Sources: Editions of Specula

Secondary Sources: Visitation Process

Secondary Sources: Use of Returns

Appendix 5

Abraham Hume’s Contribution to Religious Statistics and Sociology

Appendix 6

Local Censuses of Church Attendance in Great Britain, 1881-82

Appendix 7

Newman Demographic Survey and Pastoral Research Centre

Appendix 8

John Highet’s Contribution to Scottish Religious Statistics 

Appendix 9

Local Censuses of Church Attendance in Great Britain, 1901-12


Church of England Clergy Visitation Returns of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

Primary Sources: Editions of Returns


Diocese of Chichester

Chichester Diocesan Surveys, 1686 and 1724, ed. Wyn Kelson Ford, Sussex Record Society, Vol. 78, Lewes: the Society, 1994.

Diocese of Exeter

The Diocese of Exeter in 1821: Bishop Carey’s Replies to Queries before Visitation, ed. Michael Cook, Devon and Cornwall Record Society, New Series, Vol. 3-4, Torquay: printed for the Society, 1958-60.

Diocese of Lichfield and Coventry

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Diocese of Lincoln

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Diocese of Llandaff

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Diocese of Oxford

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Diocese of Peterborough

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Diocese of Ripon

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Diocese of Salisbury

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Diocese of Winchester

Parson and Parish in Eighteenth-Century Surrey: Replies to Bishops’ Visitations [1725, 1764, 1788], ed. William Reginald Ward, Surrey Record Society, Vol. 34, Guildford: the Society, 1994.

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Doing the Duty of the Parish: Surveys of the Church in Hampshire, 1810, ed. Mark Anderton Smith, Hampshire Record Series, Vol. 17, Winchester: Hampshire County Council, 2004.

Diocese of York

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Archbishop Drummond’s Visitation Returns, 1764, [eds] Cressida Annesley and Philippa Hoskin, Borthwick Texts and Calendars, Vol. 21, 23, 26, York: Borthwick Institute of Historical Research, University of York, 1997-2001.

Archbishop Thomson’s Visitation Returns for the Diocese of York, 1865, [eds] Edward Royle and Ruth M. Larsen, Borthwick Texts and Studies, Vol. 34, York: Borthwick Institute for Archives, University of York, 2006.

Primary Sources: Editions of Specula


Diocese of Bristol

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Diocese of Canterbury

The Speculum of Archbishop Thomas Secker [1758-61], ed. Jeremy Gregory, Church of England Record Society, Vol. 2, Woodbridge: Boydell Press, 1995.

Diocese of Chester

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Diocese of Gloucester

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Diocese of Lincoln

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Diocese of Southwell

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Diocese of Worcester

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Secondary Sources: Visitation Process


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Secondary Sources: Use of Returns


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Forward to Appendix 5: Abraham Hume’s Contribution to Religious Statistics

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