Hindu, Muslim and Sikh Adherents

The spreadsheet below presents estimates of the size of the Hindu, Muslim and Sikh communities in England and Wales before the Censuses of 2001 and 2011, augmented with data from the Censuses.

The data for 1961-1991 were originally published in R. Gale and C. Peach, ‘Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs in the New Religious Landscape of England‘, Geographical Review, 93/4 (2003), pp. 469-490. Many thanks to Ceri Peach and Richard Gale for giving permission for reproduction here.


Or click here for the spreadsheet.

In an earlier version of this chart and spreadsheet we added population figures for England and Wales to the 19961-2001 data, and calculated population percentages.

In June 2016 we revised the 2001 data to replace them with exact figures from Neighbourhood statistics, table KS07. 2011 Census data were also added using Neighbourhood Statistics KS209EW.

The mosque and Sikh temple data for 2011 are in fact from 2009 GRO data available data from GRO available on BRIN. The number given for Hindu temples is from February 2015 data from GRO spreadsheet available at https://data.gov.uk/dataset/places-of-worship.

The 1961-2001 data on registered places of worship were originally transcribed by Simon Naylor from manuscript records of the General Register Office Register of Places of Worship, Southport, Merseyside. Data were also drawn from figures published annually in Marriage, Divorce and Adoption Statistics, Series FM2 (London: Office for National Statistics). No separate Hindu data were given in the published records. The Gale-Peach data differ slightly from the published sources where fieldwork revealed disused sites.

BRIN judges that the 2011 number of places of worship for 2015 may accordingly be an overestimate: 145 temples are listed by the National Council of Hindu Temples for England and Wales as of June 2016.

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