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Religious Affiliation and Volunteering

This post is just to flag up the release of the most recent Taking Part in England dataset, covering January-December 2010. This survey is sponsored by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport and asks an unusually large sample their leisure and cultural pursuits. It also asks questions about friendships, political participation, and volunteering.
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Domestic Abuse and British Jews

We reported four months ago ( that Jewish Women’s Aid (JWA), the UK national charity for Jewish women and their children affected by domestic violence, was intending to carry out an online survey into the incidence and perceptions of domestic … Continue reading

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Feminism and Religion

Women have historically scored more highly than men on most indicators of religious belief and practice, but there have been signs in recent years that the situation may be changing, as females succumb to secularization, and apparently nowhere is this … Continue reading

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Census Day

The census manages to evoke contrary responses: it’s either a bit of a joke or a threat to civil liberty. I’ll address the objections in a moment, but let’s start with the jolly part.
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English Schools and Community Cohesion

The Education and Inspections Act 2006 placed a new duty on the governing bodies of maintained schools in England to promote community cohesion. In order to see how much progress schools had been making, the previous Labour administration commissioned Ipsos-MORI … Continue reading

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Monarchical Religion

The Church of England, the product of the sixteenth-century Reformation, remains the state church in England, notwithstanding successive attempts to disestablish it during the past two centuries. These campaigns were initially led by militant Dissenters promulgating the gospel of ‘voluntaryism’, … Continue reading

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Media Portrayal of Groups

The ways in which the media portray groups has been in the news again recently, following the suspension by All3Media of Brian True-May, the producer of Midsomer Murders on ITV, for remarks he made in a Radio Times interview. True-May … Continue reading

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The Value Orientation of Contemporary Pagans

Many new religious movements have emerged since the mid-twentieth century and Paganism is an important strand. This emergence coincided with the emergence and growth of post-materialist attitudes. As a sociologist of religion based at the University of Tampere with particular interests in Paganism, I am following this weekend’s Census with great interest. Continue reading

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Religious Affiliation by Birth Decade

Looking at the pooled British Social Attitudes 1983-2008 sample, I wanted to see how religious affiliation varies by birth decade in England, Scotland and Wales, and particularly how younger birth cohorts compare with older birth cohorts.
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Places of Worship in England and Wales, 1999-2009

We have spent a little time compiling data on registered places of worship in England and Wales from 1999-2009 and are making a note here on the data, and the caveats you need to bear in mind before interpreting them. The headline data suggest that ‘mainline’ established denominations are showing a reduction over time in numbers of places of worship, while other world religions, ‘other Christians’, and ‘other’ faith communities are exhibiting a gradual increase.
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