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  1. Angus Crichton says:

    I am attempting to access the commentary section ‘Religious Statistics in Great Britain – collected by communities’. I am searching for information on the motivation behind the Church of England collecting attendance figures: when do they start collecting attendance figures, why do they, what is the connection between the statistical analysis and the church’s understanding of its mission and ministry in England? I was hoping this section of the website might prove some illumination, but I can’t access it. Many thanks.

  2. Sorry about the failed link – I will have it investigated. In brief, the CofE nationally first started to collect attendance data from 1968, partly in response to the Paul Report. Statistics: A Tool for Mission (Church House Publishing, 2000) is worth reading on more contemporary thinking. You could also consult the Research and Statistics department of the Archbishops’ Council.
    Clive Field

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