Does Christianity Have A Future?

BRIN readers who happen to catch this post before 10.25pm this evening (Sunday 17 April) may be interested in tonight’s programme, DOES CHRISTIANITY HAVE A FUTURE?, which discusses the decline and resilience of Christianity in the UK. It is to be aired on on BBC1 (except Scotland), and hosted by Ann Widdecombe on a return to more serious material after her extended stint on STRICTLY COME DANCING. A seminar at the University of Manchester, hosted by BRIN co-director David Voas, was recorded for the programme, so I’ll be taking an especial interest.

More information is available here:

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  2. For those of you who missed it, the programme is available to UK viewers at

    It’s very entertaining, particularly the coverage of the “curry church” (if I heard correctly). It was also good to see sociologists of religion Sylvie Collins-Mayo and Grace Davie given important slots.

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, Ann Widdecombe decided that Christianity in the UK was adaptive and would flourish. The programme sparked some comment on Twitter, which can be viewed for the next few hours by searching on Google Realtime for “Twitter Does Christianity have a Future”.

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