Affiliation and Attendance from 1983

Charts and tables presenting religious affiliation and church attendance data from the British Social Attitudes surveys, 1983-2008.


Note that the data presented cover the white population only. Non-whites were not sampled effectively until 1993, making comparisons over time difficult.

The data are shown by birth cohort because the key trend is that affiliation and attendance falls for each successive generation. For more discussion on these trends, see D. Voas and A. Crockett, ‘Religion in Britain: Neither Believing nor Belonging’Sociology (2005), vol. 39, pp. 11-27.









For graphs and tables of affiliation over time by birth cohort, click here.







For graphs and tables of attendance over time by birth cohort, click here.


To explore the BSA further, visit the online analysis tool the British Social Attitudes Information System which is available to registered users.

The BSA is carried out by NatCen Social Research, which publishes annual reports on the survey’s most recent findings. Since 2012 these have been made available online to all internet users.

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