Newcastle Jewry

The Jewish Chronicle for 28 May briefly reports on the sixth census of Jewry in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, undertaken by the Representative Council of North East Jewry. The first census took place on 31 May 1983, at the instigation of the late Lewis Olsover, and has been repeated every five years or so. Records of the 1988 and 1993 censuses are held by the Tyne and Wear Archives Service.

The latest census shows that membership (including children) of the United Hebrew Congregation and Newcastle Reform Synagogue has fallen from 956 in 1998 to 541 in 2009. The prediction is that, by 2014, it will be down to 400. This is partly a function of aging, just 12% of congregants being under 30, with 78% over 50. Since 2003 there have been only 14 births against 99 deaths. During the same period there were 24 marriages and 16 bar- and batmitzvahs. In addition, there are 143 Jewish households in the region not affiliated to either synagogue.

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