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Source: Attitudes to use of historic church buildings, Church of England, religious dimensions of British identity, rites of passage, and other issues (3646)

Source: Attitudes to church buildings as heritage and community resource (3645)

Source: Belief in and understanding of karma (3644)

Source: Most and least important aspects of Christmas period, including faith/Christianity (3643)

Source: Assessment of whether air strikes against Islamic State in Syria would make Britain safer or less safe (3642)

Source: Observance of Christmas as religious festival, and attitudes to options for defeating Islamic State (3641)

Source: Support for British participation in air strikes and ground war against Islamic State in Syria (3640)

Fieldwork conducted after House of Commons approval was given on 2 December 2015 to the bombing of Islamic State in Syria.

Source: Approval of Donald Trump’s call for ban on Muslims entering the United States (3639)

Trump’s call followed an apparently terrorist attack perpetrated by a Muslim couple in San Bernardino on 2 December 2015, resulting in 14 deaths.

Source: Trust in clergy/priests and other professions/groups to tell the truth (3638)

Source: Parable of the Good Samaritan and its contemporary meaning and manifestations (3637)

A survey about the Good Samaritan was also conducted among an online sample of 745 children aged 8-15 on 4-9 December 2015.