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Source: Relative importance as a ‘British value’ of religious freedom and other attributes (3543)

Source: Belief in God, and incidence of and attitudes to atheism (3542)

Source: Attitudes to military options against Islamic State (3541)

Source: Belief in conspiracy theories, including about human contact with aliens and adoption of Sharia law by UK courts (3540)

Source: Attitudes towards religious B&B owners turning away same-sex couples, and legal protection of religions from deliberately offensive speeches, articles, and cartoons (3539)

Source: Attitudes to current issues affecting British Muslims and Islam (3538)

Source: Estimated size of non-Christian populations, and attitudes to Jews, Israel, and anti-Semitism (3537)

Source: Attitudes of practising Christians to politics (3536)

Source: Attitudes to measures being taken to combat anti-Semitism (3535)

Respondents were pre-selected on the basis of a high probability of likely Jewish identity, estimated from a range of demographic indicators chosen in consultation with Jewish community leaders and academics. They were asked to confirm before the start of the … Continue reading

Source: Attitudes to Pope Francis (3534)