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Source: Belief in God, prayer, churchgoing, and appropriateness of Archbishop of Canterbury expressing opinions on political issues (3931)

Source: Importance of understanding religious festivals and confidence about retelling the stories surrounding them (3930)

Source: Values (including religion) deemed of most importance personally and best representing European Union, and factors (including religion) creating feeling of community among European Union citizens (3929)

Standard Eurobarometer Wave 90.3. Multinational survey, also undertaken in the 27 other member states of the European Union, five candidate countries, and the Turkish Cypriot community.

Source: Perceived compatibility of Islam and British values (3928)

Source: Attitudes to involvement of clergy in lawmaking (3927)

Source: Acceptability of mocking religion (3926)

Data were collected via the YouGov mobile app, which had a slightly different sample than the general population and was subject to a somewhat higher margin of error than standard YouGov polling.

Source: Attitudes to church social action and religious education in schools (3925)

Source: Experiences of unconscious bias by black and minority ethnic people and extent to which they were attributed to religion (3924)

Some of the questions about experiences of unconscious bias were also put to an online control sample of 1797 white adults aged 18 and over in Britain on 19-22 October 2018.

Source: Attitudes to Muslims and Islam (3923)

Source: Trust in clergy/priests and other professions/groups to tell the truth (3922)

Ipsos MORI Veracity Index, 2018.