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Source: Frequency of reading horoscope (4251)

Source: Attitudes to possible changes in the Sunday trading laws in England and Wales (4250)

Under the provisions of the Sunday Trading Act 1994, large shops in England and Wales were only allowed to open for a maximum of six hours on Sundays.

Source: Agencies (including religious organizations) from which help sought during 2022 cost of living crisis (4249)

Source: Importance of various aspects of Christmas, including celebrating Christ’s birth (4248)

The questions about the relative importance of various aspects of Christmas were put to the 82% (n= 1,436) of respondents who reported they currently celebrated Christmas.

Source: Observance of childhood Christmas traditions (4247)

The questions about Christmas traditions were put to the 83% (n= 1,404) of respondents who reported they currently celebrated Christmas. For each of the nine childhood Christmas traditions named, they were asked whether they had observed them as a child … Continue reading

Source: Attitudes to Christianity and the outcome of the 2021 religious census (4246)

Source: Likelihood of aliens visiting Earth in 2023 (4245)

Part of multinational survey, also undertaken in 35 other countries besides Great Britain.

Source: Attitudes to Christian mission (4244)

Source: Attitudes to religious and non-religious worldviews education (4243)

Source: Attitudes to Jews and Muslims and other racial issues (4242)