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Source: Attitudes to the extension of Sunday trading hours (3489)

Source: Most exciting aspects of Christmas, including celebrating the birth of Christ (3488)

Multinational survey, also undertaken in Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, and Sweden.

Source: Knowledge of the Christmas story (3487)

Source: Observance of Christmas by religious groups (3486)

Source: Attitudes to school nativity plays (3485)

Source: Opinion of a speech given by Pope Francis to the European Parliament which was ostensibly critical of the European Union (3484)

Source: Perceived views of Jesus Christ on current political issues (3483)

Source: Attitudes to the establishment of the Church of England (3482)

Source: Planned church attendance during the Christmas period (3481)

Source: Perceived origin of life on earth and likelihood of intelligent life existing elsewhere in the universe; perceived threat to Britain posed by Islamic State and other groups/countries (3480)