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Source: Acceptability of various racial depictions of Jesus Christ (4189)

Identical questions were posed about racial depictions of Santa Claus.

Source: Perceptions of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia as problems in the UK (4188)

Source: Attitudes to possible changes in the Sunday trading laws in England and Wales (4187)

Under the provisions of the Sunday Trading Act 1994, large shops in England and Wales were only allowed to open for a maximum of six hours on Sundays.

Source: Anticipated attendance at a place of worship over the Christmas period (4186)

Source: Trust in organized religion and other institutions (4185)

The question was also asked of an online sample of 1009 ethnic minority adults on 12-18 October 2021.

Source: Trust in clergy and priests and other professions or groups to tell the truth (4184)

Ipsos MORI Veracity Index, 2021, covering 30 professions. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic necessitated a switch from the traditional face-to-face interviewing to telephone fieldwork.

Source: Likelihood of aliens visiting Earth in 2022 (4183)

Part of multinational survey, also undertaken in 32 other countries besides Great Britain.

Source: Belief in conspiracy theories regarding aliens, the Holocaust, and QAnon (4182)

Multinational survey, undertaken in 23 other countries besides Great Britain.

Source: Attitudes to conspiracy theories including government hiding of UFOs and alien visitors (4181)

The question about governments hiding the presence of extra-terrestrial UFOs and alien visitors was put to a sub-sample of 1008 adults.

Source: Religion and attitudes towards business and business leaders (4180)

Savanta ComRes also conducted in-depth interviews with ten Anglican and Catholic bishops.