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Source: Attitudes to military and humanitarian aid interventions in Syria and other topical issues (3834)

Multinational survey, also undertaken in France and the United States. Three waves of interviews were conducted in Britain and two each in France and the United States. Dataset available at UK Data Archive as SN 8323.

Source: Knowledge of the life of Jesus Christ (3833)

Source: Attitudes to British jihadists in Syria and Iraq (3832)

Source: Acceptability of a royal family member marrying someone of a different religion (3831)

Source: Appropriateness of a Labour politician likening a Jewish reporter to a concentration camp guard (3830)

The survey was conducted only among respondents who agreed to answer questions which included offensive language.

Source: Trust in clergy/priests and other professions/groups to tell the truth (3829)

Ipsos MORI Veracity Index, 2017.

Source: Belief in and experience of paranormal activity, and attitudes to Halloween (3828)

Source: Extent to which Ten Commandments are important principles to live by (3827)

Source: Attitudes towards Israel and the Middle East (3826)

Source: Sources of help when making difficult decisions (3825)