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Source: Knowledge of the life of Jesus Christ (3833)

Source: Attitudes to British jihadists in Syria and Iraq (3832)

Source: Acceptability of a royal family member marrying someone of a different religion (3831)

Source: Appropriateness of a Labour politician likening a Jewish reporter to a concentration camp guard (3830)

The survey was conducted only among respondents who agreed to answer questions which included offensive language.

Source: Trust in clergy/priests and other professions/groups to tell the truth (3829)

Ipsos MORI Veracity Index, 2017.

Source: Belief in and experience of paranormal activity, and attitudes to Halloween (3828)

Source: Extent to which Ten Commandments are important principles to live by (3827)

Source: Attitudes towards Israel and the Middle East (3826)

Source: Sources of help when making difficult decisions (3825)

Source: Likelihood of accepting an invitation to meet the Pope (3824)