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Some Historical Religious Statistics

Although much of BRIN’s focus, and probably the majority of our reader interest, lies in the area of contemporary British religious statistics, we continue to delve into historical data and will periodically feature them in our posts. Here are three … Continue reading

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Religious Archives

The origins of record-keeping in this country are primarily religious, rather than secular. The state was a remarkably late entrant on the scene. Thus, until well into the nineteenth century, the registration of births, marriages and deaths and the proving … Continue reading

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Digital Domesday Book

The National Archives issued the following press release on 22 March 2010. Obviously, it is too soon to say how valuable a resource this will be for those of us interested in British religion in numbers. THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES TO … Continue reading

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UFOs (unidentified flying objects) have been in the news a lot over the past few weeks. This is partly because of the recent revelations that the Ministry of Defence is closing its UFO desk, staffed by a single case officer, … Continue reading

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