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Places of Worship in England and Wales, 1999-2009

We have spent a little time compiling data on registered places of worship in England and Wales from 1999-2009 and are making a note here on the data, and the caveats you need to bear in mind before interpreting them. The headline data suggest that ‘mainline’ established denominations are showing a reduction over time in numbers of places of worship, while other world religions, ‘other Christians’, and ‘other’ faith communities are exhibiting a gradual increase.
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“Other – Write In”

The British Election Study 2009-2010 is a valuable resource for political scientists. What researchers in religion may not realise is that the questions on religious affiliation can tell us something about how people define themselves, and to a certain extent, about the comparative size of new religious movements, sects, and smaller religions. The Internet Panel sample comprised 16816 respondents giving more ability than in smaller surveys to look at smaller faith communities. Continue reading

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Ethnic Minority British Election Study 2009-2010 now online

The British Election Study (BES) constitutes the longest academic series of nationally representative probability sample surveys in Britain. In addition to the main pre- and post-election surveys run over 2009-2010, a survey of ethnic minorities was run, and this week made available online at
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CofE Annual Church Statistics

We have recently heard from the Revd. Preb. Lynda Barley, who is Head of Research and Statistics at the Church of England, regarding the online availability of the annual Church Statistics. Continue reading

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Online Tools for Analysing Religious Data: (2)

Following on from the previous post, a second online resource exists at, which provides an online tool for analysis of data from the British Social Attitudes surveys. You need to register your e-mail address and login with a password, but access is free and it’s easy-to-use. This is an amazing resource: over 20,000 questions have been put to respondents over the course of the 1983-2008 surveys. Continue reading

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Online Tools for Analysing Religious Data: (1) The 2001 Census

About a month ago I gave a talk at an Open University M.A. workshop on researching religion using online resources. I thought it worth providing a summary of what we covered and the resources available here in advance of a formal commentary paper. Continue reading

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Clive Field on Attitudes to Islam and Muslim Attitudes in Britain

Last week, the Institute for Social Change (where BRIN is based) hosted a seminar by Clive Field, who co-directs this resource and blogs here assiduously. The title was “Muslim Opinions and Opinions of Muslims: British Experiences”. Clive provided a historical overview of Islam in Britain, followed by a “survey of surveys”, and culminating in an exploratory analysis of a survey of British Muslims sponsored by Harvard and Manchester. Continue reading

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Counting Catholics

Andrew Brown of the Guardian has just written a very interesting article on the problems of calculating the size of the Catholic community. The Catholic Church defines the Catholic community as those people who have been baptised living within England and Wales. Continue reading

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Church Attendance in England, 2005

The debate over the Christian Research data last week, together with coverage of the papal visit, led me to look at church attendance data from the 2005 English Church Census. I wanted to look again to see which areas of England had higher rates of church attendance, and specifically which areas looked more Catholic.
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Visualising Religious Switching, Sticking and Leaving

David Voas last week sent me a link to this fascinating chart, illustrating data collected by Pew on religious background, current affiliation and religious switching in the US. I have developed a similar chart for BRIN, currently ‘Chart of the Week’. Continue reading

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