British Household Panel Survey and Understanding Society, 1991-2019

The British Household Panel Survey (BHPS, 1991–2009) and its successor Understanding Society: United Kingdom Household Longitudinal Study (US, from 2009) are two of the UK’s largest and most important longitudinal panel studies.

British Religion in Numbers (BRIN) has recently commissioned Yuliya Kazakova of the University of Essex to undertake cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses of the five main serial questions on religion in BHPS and US.

You will find an introduction to this work and basic tabulations (including by home nation for the cross-sections) in the January 2020 edition of BRIN’s monthly news bulletin, Counting Religion in Britain, at the following link:

No 52 January 2020

An Excel version of the cross-sectional data is also available, which includes breaks by gender and age, at the following link:

BHPS and US cross-sectional FINAL


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