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Although BRIN cannot possibly monitor all potentially relevant blogs, some of our users may be interested in the Leaving Fundamentalism: Examining Christian Fundamentalism in the UK blog which was launched by Jonny Scaramanga on 19 April 2012.

Today’s post on that blog will be particularly relevant. It asks ‘How many Christian Fundamentalists are there in the UK?’ It draws upon a range of statistical evidence made available by religious organizations and polling agencies in recent years (including about belief in creationism), and there are numerous links which can be followed up.

We reproduce below the ‘summary for easily-bored people’ (of whom, of course, there will be none among the BRIN readership!):

By a good, conservative estimate, there are between 650,000 and 1.3 million fundamentalist Christians in the UK, and over 2,000 children in fundamentalist education. In England alone, 1.2 million evangelicals attend church every week. At least 18% of evangelicals are hard-line Creationists.

The numbers could be much higher. In a poll for the BBC in 2006, 9% of adults said that the Biblical account of creation was the most likely explanation for human origins. That projects to an improbable five million people. Most Pentecostals are fundamentalists, and credible estimates for that denomination’s membership go as high as three million. The New Church movement is also largely fundamentalist in nature. It had 400,000 members as of the year 2000, and, along with Pentecostalism, is the fastest-growing brand of Christianity in the UK. Between them, those two groups opened 935 British churches between 2005 and 2010.

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