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Re-examining religious and paranormal beliefs in mid-1970s Britain

A recent YouGov survey shed interesting light on levels of religious beliefs and other forms of belief in contemporary Britain. This BRIN post takes a historical turn by analysing one of the few available surveys enabling assessment of religious and … Continue reading

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Religiosity and Secularity in the 1957 Youth Research Council Survey

The survey was motivated by the desire of the Young Christian Workers and the Newman Demographic Survey to investigate religiosity and religious practice among young people during their formative years. In this post I’ll provide examples of individual responses providing qualitative detail.

There is a great deal of evidence of secularity, with very straightforward replies to that Continue reading

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Religion in Western Europe and the USA

The latest report from the Pew Global Attitudes Project, on the values gap between America and Western Europe (including on three religious indicators), was published today, with the general headline of ‘American exceptionalism subsides’ (although this was less applicable to … Continue reading

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Theos Civil Unrest Survey

Britain may be poised for a period of protest and civil unrest, according to a new survey by ComRes for Theos, the public theology think-tank, released on 3 March. Fieldwork was conducted online on 23-25 February 2011, among 2,003 adults … Continue reading

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Religion and the Hidden Wealth of Nations

Halpern’s discussion of religion is in a chapter called ‘The Politics of Virtue’, concerned with good citizenship. Despite Britons being generally averse to seeing politicians parade their personal religiosity,

‘an everyday sense of moral values and a shared sense of what is acceptable behaviour, is key to making a society work – it is part of the ‘hidden wealth’ of a successful nation’.
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