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Christian decline: How it’s measured and what it means

The 2021 census in England and Wales suggests that self-identified Christians are now less than half the population. Anyone following the British Social Attitudes (BSA) survey will regard this development as old news: it has put the Christian share below … Continue reading

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Religious Census 2011 – What happened to the Christians?

When it comes to religion, the sharp fall in the ‘Christian’ population has been the big story of the 2011 census. If the 2001 results posed one problem for religious statisticians – why was the Christian figure so high? – the latest findings are just as puzzling: why has it fallen so fast?
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Religion and the Hidden Wealth of Nations

Halpern’s discussion of religion is in a chapter called ‘The Politics of Virtue’, concerned with good citizenship. Despite Britons being generally averse to seeing politicians parade their personal religiosity,

‘an everyday sense of moral values and a shared sense of what is acceptable behaviour, is key to making a society work – it is part of the ‘hidden wealth’ of a successful nation’.
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