Citizenship Survey, 2007-08 – Religion

The Department for Communities and Local Government published the topic report on race, religion and equalities from the 2007-08 Citizenship Survey on 18 December 2009. The report runs to 256 pages and is freely available online at

The Citizenship Survey has been conducted every other year since 2001, by the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen) on behalf of Government. The population surveyed comprises adults aged 16 and over in England and Wales. In 2007-08 14,095 people were interviewed, including an ethnic minority booster sample of 4,759.

The race, religion and equalities report includes six chapters, with numerous appended tables of data disaggregated by demographics, on religion. They cover: profile of religion; religious prejudice; perceptions of the extent to which Government protects the rights of religious groups; religious discrimination; the effect of religion on day-to-day life; and racial and religious harassment.

Four other topic reports on the 2007-08 Citizenship Survey have been issued previously, and may be found on the Department’s website. They deal with: identity and values; community cohesion; empowered communities; and volunteering and charitable giving. Each includes some statistical analyses by religious variables, additional to those appearing in the race, religion and equalities report.

The dataset for the 2007-08 Citizenship Survey is available for secondary analysis from the Economic and Social Data Service as Study Number 5739.

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