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We recently highlighted the publication of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC)’s first triennial review, and of its relevance for British religious statistics. See http://www.brin.ac.uk/news/?p=656

We can now report that the EHRC has commissioned two new research papers, which, when published, are also likely to be of interest to BRIN readers. The following details are extracted, with light edits, from the EHRC’s Religion or Belief Network Bulletin, No. 3, November 2010, which is distributed electronically (to subscribe, contact Research@equalityhumanrights.com).

Professor Linda Woodhead (Lancaster University and Director of the AHRC/ESRC Religion and Society Programme) will undertake research into Religion and Society: Exploring the Equality Dimension. This has two main aspects. First, she will discuss projects within the Religion and Society Programme which are of particular relevance to the EHRC’s work on religion or belief issues, or are of particular interest to the EHRC because they cover other equality strands, or its other mandates of good relations and human rights. Secondly, Linda will use a survey of EHRC Religion or Belief Network members to elicit information about members’ recent or ongoing research relevant to the topic of religion, equality and discrimination.

Professor Paul Weller (University of Derby) is preparing a report on Religious Discrimination in Britain: A Review of Research Evidence, 2000-2010. This has three main aspects. First, he will discuss quantitative and qualitative evidence that religious groups (including Christians) feel they are discriminated against. Second, he will examine any evidence that may suggest that the nature and extent of religious discrimination differs between England, Scotland and Wales (and between Great Britain and other parts of Europe). Third, he will assess whether there is any existing evidence that religious discrimination is increasing or decreasing. Paul would welcome any relevant information at: p.g.weller@derby.ac.uk

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