Gay Pride

Individuals who profess no religion take somewhat more pride in how Britain treats gay people than do those with a faith, according to a newly-released survey by YouGov, in which 2,086 adults aged 18 and over were interviewed online on 4-9 May 2011.

Whereas 51% of the religionless agreed with this statement, the proportion fell to 47% for Anglicans, 45% for Roman Catholics, 37% for the mainline Free Churches, and 45% for non-Christians, perhaps suggesting a lingering homophobia on the part of some believers.

The number not proud of Britain’s treatment of gays was 13% overall, peaking at 19% for Presbyterians, Methodists and Muslims. However, cell sizes for these groups were small. That left two-fifths who were neutral on the subject, possibly a little confused by the slightly ambiguous wording of the question.

The survey results are available at:

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