Jewish Women’s Aid

Jewish Women’s Aid (JWA), the only UK national charity for Jewish women and their children affected by domestic violence, has launched the first ever survey into the incidence and perceptions of domestic abuse against women in the Jewish community. It is being led by Dr Sarah Abramson of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, and the results are expected to be published next February.

The survey will comprise: a) face-to-face interviews with up to 300 of JWA’s own service users; b) anonymous online interviews with a self-selecting sample of other Jewish women; c) questionnaires sent to other domestic violence charities, asking about Jewish women who have used their services; and d) comparative international research in the United States, Canada and Israel.  

The online questionnaire, which is being advertised in the Jewish press with a request for completion by 1 January, can be found at:

Emma Bell, executive director of JWA (which began in Leeds in the 1980s but has been headquartered in London since 1992), has explained that the survey is ‘partly inspired by the fact that in the last financial year the number of women we supported in the community increased by over 50 per cent and the numbers who sought counselling through us also doubled.’

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