Professor David Voas Moves to Essex

It seems to have been all change recently in the world of UK religious statistics. Following the news (covered on BRIN) of career moves for Lynda Barley of the Church of England and Benita Hewitt of Christian Research, we can now report that Professor David Voas is upping sticks, also.

The University of Essex announced on 28 September that David, BRIN’s co-director since its inauguration in 2008, will be joining Essex’s prestigious Institute for Social and Economic Research in November 2011, and thus leaving his post as Simon Professor of Population Studies at the Institute for Social Change, University of Manchester. Essex’s press release can be found at:

One of the country’s leading quantitative sociologists, David has been at Manchester since 2003 and previously worked at the Universities of Sheffield and Liverpool and in the private sector. A demographer by training, David’s research over the past decade has mostly revolved around the intergenerational transmission of beliefs and values, specifically religion. He is British national programme director of the European Values Study. Full details of his career and publications are at:

After his departure for Essex, David will become a visiting member of academic staff at the Institute for Social Change in Manchester, as is his fellow co-Director of BRIN, Dr Clive Field. Dr Siobhan McAndrew, BRIN’s research officer, continues to be based at Manchester, and the BRIN website will still be hosted there and further developed as opportunity permits. We wish David every success and happiness in his exciting new research post at Essex.

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