Religion and Wellbeing

To coincide with the publication on 13 October of their new report on human wellbeing, entitled Wholly Living, aid agencies CAFOD and Tearfund and think-tank Theos commissioned ComRes to undertake an online poll on 24-26 September among a representative sample of 2,008 adult Britons aged 18 and over.

The survey has limited explicitly religious content, but a couple of findings are worth reporting here.

Asked which of six things had brought them greatest personal happiness so far, only 5% of respondents said it was their religious or spiritual life (rising to 7% for the over-55s and Scots and to 8% among the DE social group). The overwhelming majority (60%) cited relationships, with 9% each opting for holidays and helping others and 4% each for spending money and their job.

Hardly anybody (just seven individuals) felt that religious issues were big on their personal and family agenda at the moment. But 24 people (1%) said religious issues were currently important for the UK and 93 (5% overall and 7% for the over-65s) for the rest of the world.

The full data tables are available at:

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