Science’s Unanswered Questions

‘Does God exist?’ is the third most important scientific question which Britons want answered, according to a survey of 2,000 adults published today and commissioned by UKTV’s Eden channel to inaugurate its July Science Month programming. The press release (which contains no details of fieldwork dates or methodology) is available at:

The top ten scientific conundrums according to the public are:

1. Are we alone in the universe? – 54%

2. Will there ever be a cure for cancer? – 46%

3. Does God exist? – 39%

4. How big is space? – 33%

5. How and where did life start on earth? – 30%

6. Is time travel possible? – 29%

7. Will we ever colonise space? – 27%

8. What will replace oil and when? – 27%

9. How will the universe end? – 24%

10. How long can the human lifespan be extended? – 20%

All in all, an interesting blend of terrestrial and ethereal preoccupations!

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