Social Trends 41

As previously noted (, Social Trends, the compilation by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) of social data from governmental and other sources, is now only published online, and in serialized form.

The latest version of the chapter on lifestyles and social participation was released on 27 January, as part of Social Trends, 41. It is written by Carla Seddon and can be downloaded from:

Included at the end (pp. 28-30) is a short section on religion, derived from the Department for Communities and Local Government’s Citizenship Survey, 2008/09, specifically from the topic report on race, religion and equalities, already covered on BRIN (

Social Trends, 41 focuses on the questions in the Citizenship Survey relating to religious affiliation, religious practice and the influence of religion on everyday life (in terms of where respondents lived and worked, who their friends were and their choice of school for their children). Much fuller detail is available in the original topic report at:

The new Social Trends, 41 chapter has been picked up by the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph (the latter erroneously suggesting in today’s printed edition that the data are from the 2009/10 rather than the 2008/09 Citizenship Survey). To read this coverage, go to: [a short article on ‘Christians “are less devout”’ appears at the bottom of this piece, which is otherwise about the Pew report on Muslim population]

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