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Religious beliefs, practices and attitudes of Roman Catholics (1001)

Type of Data: Religious beliefs, practices and attitudes of Roman Catholics (1001)

Faith Community: Christianity (Roman Catholic Church)

Date: 2008

Geography: England and Wales

Sample Size: 1500

Population: Mass-going Roman Catholics aged 18 and over

Keywords: Afterlife, birth control, children, Church, church attendance, churchgoing, church schools, cohabitation, coil, Common Good, condoms, confession, contraception, contraceptive pill, devil, divorce, faith schools, family life, genetic testing, heaven, hell, Holy Communion, homosexuality, Humanae Vitae, inter-marriage, in vitro fertilization, Last Judgement, life after death, marriage, mass, mixed marriages, moral guidance, moral issues, morning-after pill, mortal sin, natural family planning, politics, Populorum Progressio, poverty, prayer, pre-marital sex, priests, reincarnation, resurrection of the dead, routes to faith, sacrament of reconciliation, salvation, Second Vatican Council, sex, sin, social justice, social teaching, Virgin Birth

Collection Method: Self-completion questionnaire

Collection Agency: Von Hugel Institute, St Edmund's College, University of Cambridge

Sponsor: The Tablet

Published Source:

  • The Tablet, 19 and 26 July 2008
  • Catholic Herald, 25 July and 1 August 2008

    BRIN ID: 1001


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