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Reasons for church-leaving and likelihood of church-returning (1529)

Type of Data: Reasons for church-leaving and likelihood of church-returning (1529)

Faith Community: Christianity

Date: 1996-1998?

Geography: Local survey. London; Exeter (Devon); York (Yorkshire)

Sample Size: 900 (56% response)

Population: Church-leavers (those who had formerly attended church at least six times a year but no longer did so)

Keywords: Belief, change, church attendance, churchgoing, church leadership, church-leaving, conservatism, disillusionment, lapsation, liberalism, life-styles, non-churchgoing, tensions, unbelief, worship

Collection Method: Self-completion postal questionnaire

Collection Agency: Church Leaving Applied Research Project, Roehampton Institute

Published Source:

  • Philip J. Richter and Leslie John Francis, Gone But Not Forgotten: Church Leaving and Returning, London: Darton, Longman and Todd, 1998
  • Philip J. Richter, 'Church Leaving in the Late Twentieth Century: Eschewing the Double Life', Sociology, Theology and the Curriculum, ed. Leslie John Francis, London: Cassell, 1999, pp. 175-86
  • Leslie John Francis and Philip J. Richter, Gone for Good? Church-Leaving and Returning in the Twenty-First Century, Peterborough: Epworth, 2007

    BRIN ID: 1529


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