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Experience of ministry in Urban Priority Areas (1595)

Type of Data: Experience of ministry in Urban Priority Areas (1595)

Faith Community: Christianity (Church of England)

Date: 1995, July-November

Geography: England

Sample Size: 278 (70% response)

Population: Church of England clergy from Urban Priority Area and non-Urban Priority Area parishes

Keywords: Baptism, church attendance, church audit, churchgoing, churchmanship, Church of England, Church Urban Fund, clergy, communicants, community development, confirmation, deprivation, ecumenism, electoral roll, funerals, income, inter-faith work, job satisfaction, marriage, ministry, priorities, problems, rites of passage, staff, support, training, Urban Priority Areas, voting, weddings

Collection Method: Self-completion postal questionnaire

Collection Agency: Department of Social Sciences, Nottingham Trent University

Sponsor: Church of England Bishops' Advisory Group on Urban Priority Areas

Survey Instrument: Bowpitt, The Clergy in the Local Community, pp. 201-11

Published Source:

  • Staying in the City: 'Faith in the City' Ten Years On - A Report by the Bishops' Advisory Group on Urban Priority Areas, London: Church House Publishing, 1995, pp. 33-6
  • Graham Bowpitt, The Clergy in the Local Community: A Report of a Survey Comparing the Attitudes and Ministerial Experiences of Anglican Clergy in Inner Cities and Elsewhere, with an Evaluation of Trends Since 1985 and the Impact of the 'Faith in the City' Report, Nottingham: Nottingham Trent University, [1999]

    BRIN ID: 1595


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