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Religious beliefs, knowledge and attitudes (1992)

Type of Data: Religious beliefs, knowledge and attitudes (1992)

Faith Community: General, Christianity

Date: 1986, November 19-28

Geography: Great Britain

Sample Size: 151

Population: Lay elite from the City, professions, universities civil service and Parliament

Keywords: Archbishop of Canterbury, baptism, Bible, Christmas, church and state, church attendance, churchgoing, clergy, Easter Day, funeral, God, heaven, hell, Jesus Christ, liturgy, marriage in church, miracles, ordination of women, political issues, prayer, religious affiliation, religious festivals, religious knowledge, remarriage in church, Resurrection, Ten Commandments, Trinity, Virgin Birth

Collection Method: Face-to-face interview

Collection Agency: Harris Research Centre

Sponsor: The Spectator

Published Source:

  • The Spectator, 13 December 1986
  • Roger Homan, 'Elite Religiosity in Britain', Archives de Sciences Sociales des Religions, Vol. 67, 1989, pp. 145-54

    BRIN ID: 1992


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