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Census of church attendance and church membership (2130)

Type of Data: Census of church attendance and church membership (2130)

Faith Community: Christianity

Date: 1982, May

Geography: Wales

Sample Size: 4054 (70% response)

Population: Trinitarian Christian churches

Keywords: Church attendance, churchgoing, church membership, midweek meetings, Sunday school, Wales, Welsh language

Collection Method: Self-completion postal questionnaire with telephone follow-up

Collection Agency: Bible Society

Sponsor: Wales for Christ

Survey Instrument: Clive Douglas Field, 'Non-Recurrent Christian Data', Religion, Reviews of United Kingdom Statistical Sources, Vol. 20, ed. Wynne Frederick Maunder, Oxford: Pergamon Press, 1987, pp. 490-1

Published Source:

  • Peter W. Brierley and Byron Evans, Prospects for Wales: Report of the 1982 Census of the Churches, London: Bible Society, 1983
  • Lawrence John Williams, Digest of Welsh Historical Statistics, 1974-1996, Cardiff: Welsh Office, 1998, pp. 299-305

    BRIN ID: 2130


    Dataset available at ESDS as SN 2171

    Posted by: Clive D. Field

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