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Church growth among Baptist churches (2183)

Type of Data: Church growth among Baptist churches (2183)

Faith Community: Christianity (Baptist Union)

Date: 1978

Geography: England

Sample Size: 327 (58% response)

Population: Baptist Union churches with more than 50 members

Keywords: Baptists, charismatics, church activities, church attendance, churchgoing, church growth, churchmanship, church members, community, deacons, ecumenism, education, elders, equipment, evangelism, housing, hymns, income, lay leaders, music, occupations, outreach, pastoral care, prayer groups, services, small groups, strangers

Collection Method: Self-completion postal questionnaire

Collection Agency: Paul Beasley-Murray and Manchester Business School

Survey Instrument: Beasley-Murray and Wilkinson, Turning the Tide, pp. 93-109

Published Source:

  • Paul Beasley-Murray and Alan Wilkinson, Turning the Tide: An Assessment of Baptist Church Growth in England, London: Bible Society, 1981

    BRIN ID: 2183


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