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Religious beliefs and practices and attitudes to current issues affecting the Roman Catholic Church (2189)

Type of Data: Religious beliefs and practices and attitudes to current issues affecting the Roman Catholic Church (2189)

Faith Community: Christianity (Roman Catholic Church)

Date: 1978, February-March

Geography: England and Wales

Sample Size: 1023

Population: Professing Roman Catholics aged 16 and over

Keywords: Abortion, afterlife, baptism, birth control, Catholic media, Catholic schools, celibacy, change, charity, children, church attendance, churchgoing, church organizations, church schools, confession, contraception, converts, cradle Catholics, deacons, devil, divorce, ecumenism, English Mass, euthanasia, evil, faith schools, financial contributions, friends, God, heaven, hell, hierarchy, Holy Communion, homosexuality, income tax, infallibility, Jesus Christ, laity, Latin Mass, lay ministry, life after death, marriage in church, Mass, missions, moral guidance, nuns, ordination of women, papacy, parents, parish, parish assistants, politics, Pope, prayer, pre-marital sex, priests, punishment, racial harmony, reincarnation, religion, religious broadcasting, religious education, religious upbringing, Resurrection, retreats, Roman Catholic Church, Roman Catholics, sign of peace, sin, small groups, social issues, social justice, spiritual books, spiritual help, trade unions, transubstantiation, Vatican Council, Vatican II, vernacular, violence, voting, women, worship

Collection Method: Face-to-face interview

Collection Agency: Social Surveys (Gallup Poll)

Sponsor: Department of Sociology, University of Surrey

Survey Instrument: Hornsby-Smith and Lee, Roman Catholic Opinion, pp. 142-55

Published Source:

  • Michael Peter Hornsby-Smith and Raymond M. Lee, Roman Catholic Opinion: A Study of Roman Catholics in England and Wales in the 1970s, [Guildford]: Department of Sociology, University of Surrey, 1979
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  • Michael Peter Hornsby-Smith, Roman Catholics in England: Studies in Social Structure Since the Second World War, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1987

    BRIN ID: 2189


    Dataset available at ESDS as SN 1570

    Posted by: Clive D. Field

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