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Religious observance, beliefs and attitudes (2329)

Type of Data: Religious observance, beliefs and attitudes (2329)

Faith Community: General, Christianity

Date: 1968, September-1970, August

Geography: Local survey. Falkirk

Sample Size: 23 ministers or officials, 258 high school pupils, 1115 church attenders (90% response), 169 lay leaders (66% response), 290 residents, 201 church members, 35 non-church members

Population: Ministers or officials responsible for each place of worship, church members, church attenders, lay leaders, Falkirk residents and high school pupils

Keywords: Bible, childhood, Christianity, Christian unity, Church, church attendance, churchgoing, church membership, church office-holding, Church of Scotland, church organizations, clergy, devolution, ecumenism, friends, God, Holy Communion, home religion, lay leadership, marriage, Mass, mixed marriages, politics, prayer, public entertainment, public houses, religious affiliation, Roman Catholic Church, self-assessed religiosity, Sunday, Sunday school, voluntary associations, voting

Collection Method: Self-completion questionnaire (high school pupils, church attenders and lay leaders) and face-to-face interview (residents, church members and non-church members)

Collection Agency: Departments of Social Anthropology and Christian Ethics and Practical Theology, University of Edinburgh

Sponsor: Hope Trust and Church and Ministry Department of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland

Survey Instrument: Sissons, The Social Significance of Church Membership, pp. 327-35, 349-72

Published Source:

  • Peter Lawson Sissons, 'Concepts of Church Membership', A Sociological Yearbook of Religion in Britain, 4, ed. Michael Hill, London: SCM Press, 1971, pp. 62-83
  • Peter Lawson Sissons, The Social Significance of Church Membership in the Burgh of Falkirk: A Report to the Hope Trust and the Church and Ministry Department of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, Edinburgh: Church of Scotland, 1973

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