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Religious beliefs and practices (2452)

Type of Data: Religious beliefs and practices (2452)

Faith Community: General, Christianity (Roman Catholic Church)

Date: 1957, January-February

Geography: England

Sample Size: 8196

Population: Adults aged 15-24 living in boroughs with a population exceeding 40,000

Keywords: Baptism, catechism, church attendance, churchgoing, church schools, confirmation, everyday life, faith schools, God, heaven, hell, Holy Communion, Jesus Christ, marriage in church, religion, religious affiliation, religious education, Resurrection, Sunday, Sunday school

Collection Method: Face-to-face interview

Collection Agency: Young Christian Workers

Sponsor: Youth Research Council and Newman Demographic Survey

Survey Instrument: New Life, pp. 47-8

Published Source:

  • New Life, Vol. 14, 1958, pp. 1-59
  • The Tablet, 12 and 19 April 1958
  • Siobhan McAndrew, ‘The 1957 Youth Research Council Survey of Young People’s Religion and Lifestyles’, British Religion in Numbers, 22 April 2016, http://www.brin.ac.uk/2016/the-1957-youth-research-council-survey-of-young-peoples-religion-and-lifestyles/
  • Siobhan McAndrew, ‘Religiosity and Secularity in the 1957 Youth Research Council Survey’, British Religion in Numbers, 25 April 2016, http://www.brin.ac.uk/2016/religion-in-the-1957-youth-research-council-survey/

    BRIN ID: 2452


    An abbreviated questionnaire was used for interviews with 70% of Church of England respondents. Dataset available at UKDA as SN 7933.

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