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Religious allegiance and activities (2464)

Type of Data: Religious allegiance and activities (2464)

Faith Community: General

Date: 1959, June-July

Geography: Great Britain

Sample Size: 963 (59% response)

Population: Adults aged 18 and over

Keywords: Admiration for religious figures, church attendance, churchgoing, church schools, faith schools, importance of spiritual and moral betterment, influence of religion, interest in religious activities, politics, religious affiliation, religious education, religious organizations, religious people

Collection Method: Face-to-face interview

Collection Agency: Research Services Ltd

Sponsor: Gabriel A. Almond and Sidney Verba

BRIN ID: 2464


Dataset available at ESDS as SN 370 and at the Roper Center as GBMISC1959-ALMVERB. Multinational study, also undertaken in Germany, Italy, Mexico and the United States

Posted by: Clive D. Field

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