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Census of Anglican communicants, non-communicants and Roman Catholics (2529)

Type of Data: Census of Anglican communicants, non-communicants and Roman Catholics (2529)

Faith Community: Christianity (Church of England, Dissent, Roman Catholic Church)

Date: 1603

Geography: England and Wales

Sample Size: 2300000

Population: Adults

Keywords: Communicants, Dissenters, Holy Communion, non-communicants, papists, recusants, Roman Catholics

Collection Method: Returns by Anglican incumbents

Collection Agency: Bishops of the Church of England and their clergy

Sponsor: King James VI and the Privy Council

Published Source:

  • The Diocesan Population Returns for 1563 and 1603, eds. Alan Dyer and David Michael Palliser, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2005, pp. liv-lxxxv, 297-523

    BRIN ID: 2529


    See also the discussion, including of the methodological shortcomings of this source, in Clive Douglas Field, ‘Non-Recurrent Christian Data’, Religion, Reviews of United Kingdom Statistical Sources, Vol. 20, ed. Wynne Frederick Maunder, Oxford: Pergamon Press, 1987, pp. 192, 229

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