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Census of population, including classification by Protestants and Roman Catholics (2533)

Type of Data: Census of population, including classification by Protestants and Roman Catholics (2533)

Faith Community: Christianity (Protestantism, Roman Catholic Church)

Date: 1755

Geography: Scotland

Sample Size: 1265380

Population: Whole population

Keywords: Papists, Protestants, religious affiliation, Roman Catholics

Collection Method: Returns by ministers or elders of the Church of Scotland

Collection Agency: Church of Scotland

Published Source:

  • Scottish Population Statistics, Including Webster's Analysis of Population, 1755, ed. James Gray Kyd, Publications of the Scottish History Society, Third Series, Vol. 44, Edinburgh: the Society, 1952
  • Alexander John Youngson, 'Alexander Webster and his Account of the Number of People in Scotland in the Year 1755', Population Studies, Vol. 15, 1961-62, pp. 198-200
  • Scottish Population History, from the 17th Century to the 1930s, ed. Michael Walter Flinn, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1977, pp. 58-64, 250-60
  • Rosalind Mitchison, 'Webster Revisited: A Re-Examination of the 1755 "Census" of Scotland', Improvement and Enlightenment: Proceedings of the Scottish Historical Studies Seminar, University of Strathclyde, 1987-88, ed. Thomas Martin Devine, Edinburgh: John Donald, 1989, pp. 62-77
  • Michael Anderson, 'Guesses, Estimates and Adjustments: Webster's 1755 "Census" of Scotland Revisited again', Journal of Scottish Historical Studies, Vol. 31, 2011, pp. 26-45

    BRIN ID: 2533


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