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Census of churchgoing of men, women and children (2548)

Type of Data: Census of churchgoing of men, women and children (2548)

Faith Community: Christianity, Judaism

Date: 1902, 30 November-1903, 8 November (spread over 36 Sundays)

Geography: Greater London

Sample Size: 1514025 attendances

Population: Churchgoers

Keywords: Church attendance, churchgoing, London, twicing

Collection Method: Independent enumerators

Collection Agency: Daily News

Published Source:

  • The Religious Life of London, ed. Richard Mudie-Smith, London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1904
  • David Hugh McLeod, Class and Religion in the Late Victorian City, London: Croom Helm, 1974

    BRIN ID: 2548


    The main count was supplemented by special studies of twicers in 69 congregations, of all religious meetings in Chelsea on 17 May 1903, of 51 adult schools, 228 early communion services, 59 afternoon services, 10 open-air services, 33 week-evening services and two week-morning services. Plans for a replication of the census in 1913 were frustrated by ecclesiastical opposition. The census was superintended by Richard Mudie-Smith (1877-1916), whose personal papers at the British Library of Political and Economic Science (COLL MISC 0736) mainly relate to the conduct of the census.

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