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Survey of Dissenting congregations (2553)

Type of Data: Survey of Dissenting congregations (2553)

Faith Community: Christianity (Protestant Nonconformity)

Date: 1772-1773

Geography: England and Wales

Population: Dissenting congregations

Keywords: Congregations, Dissent, Josiah Thompson, places of worship, Thompson List

Collection Method: Network of Baptist and other correspondents

Collection Agency: Josiah Thompson

Published Source:

  • Dr Williams's Library Ms 38.6
  • A View of English Nonconformity in 1773', [ed. Thomas George Crippen], Transactions of the Congregational Historical Society, Vol. 5, 1911-12, pp. 205-22, 261-77, 372-85
  • James Edwin Bradley, 'Whigs and Nonconformists: Presbyterians, Congregationalists and Baptists in English Politics, 1715-1790', University of Southern California Ph.D. thesis, 2 vol., 1978, pp. 588-602

    BRIN ID: 2553


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