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Church accommodation, revenues, affiliation, membership and attendance (2555)

Type of Data: Church accommodation, revenues, affiliation, membership and attendance (2555)

Faith Community: Christianity

Date: 1835-1837

Geography: Scotland

Sample Size: 552 parishes

Population: Church of Scotland parishes with a perceived deficiency of church accommodation

Keywords: Accommodation, church attendance, churchgoing, church membership, Church of Scotland, church sittings, endowments, finance, religious affiliation, revenues, sittings

Collection Method: Self-completion postal questionnaire to Church of Scotland and other clergy, and oral evidence sessions in each parish

Collection Agency: Royal Commission for Inquiring into the Opportunities of Public Religious Worship and Means of Religious Instruction, and the Pastoral Superintendence Afforded to the People of Scotland

Sponsor: His Majesty's Government

Published Source:

  • First [-Ninth] Report of the Commissioners of Religious Instruction, Scotland, Parliamentary Papers, House of Commons, Session 1837 [31], Vol. 21, 1837-38 [109, 113, 122], Vol. 32-33, 1839 [152-4, 162, 164], Vol. 23-26
  • William Collins, Statistics of the Church Accommodation of Glasgow, Barony and Gorbals, Presented to the Royal Commissioners Appointed to Inquire into the Means of Religious Instruction and Pastoral Superintendence Afforded to the People of Scotland, Glasgow: W. Collins, 1836
  • Brian R. Talbot, 'Baptists and the Scottish Enquiry of Religion, 1836-1838', Baptist Quarterly, New Series, Vol. 39, 2001-02, pp. 368-86

    BRIN ID: 2555


    The reports mainly comprise digests and tabulations of the written and oral evidence gathered for each parish, arranged by Church of Scotland presbyteries, with minimal attempts at broader aggregation of data

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