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Incidence of superstitious practices and beliefs (2899)

Type of Data: Incidence of superstitious practices and beliefs (2899)

Faith Community: Alternative

Date: 2010, September?

Geography: Great Britain

Sample Size: 3000

Population: Adults

Keywords: Bad luck, betting on a horse, black cat, breaking a mirror, crossing fingers, finding a four-leaf clover, good luck, opening an umbrella in the house, passing on the stairs, picking up a penny, pinch punch first day of the month, putting shoes on the table, saluting a lone magpie, spilling salt, superstition, touching wood, walking across three drains, walking on cracks in a pavement, walking under a ladder, wishing on a shooting star

Collection Method: Online interview

Collection Agency: 72point

Sponsor: Racing for Change

Published Source:

  • http://www.72point.com
  • Daily Express, 16 September 2010
  • http://www.brin.ac.uk/news/?p=588

    BRIN ID: 2899


    Posted by: Clive D. Field

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