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Attitudes to current issues affecting British Muslims (2960)

Type of Data: Attitudes to current issues affecting British Muslims (2960)

Faith Community: Islam

Date: 2006, 4-13 December

Geography: England

Sample Size: 1003

Population: British Muslim adults aged 16 and over

Keywords: Abuse, alcohol, al Qaeda, arrogance, British authorities, British law, British society, Christmas carol service, conversion, cultural values, death penalty, disagreement, diversity, drugs, equality for women, fairness of treatment, faith schools, foreign policy, freedom of speech, gambling, guardian, homosexuality, hostility, human rights, importance of religion, interest, inter-marriage, Iraq, Islamic scholars, Islamic schools, local councils, lottery, marriage, moral values, Muslim community, Muslim Council of Britain, Muslim organizations, Muslims, news outlets, non-Muslims, offence, pigs, politics, polygamy, prayer, religious education, sharia law, stop-and-search, suspicion, television, truth, Ummah, veils, violence, West, Western attitudes, women, young people

Collection Method: Telephone interview

Collection Agency: Populus

Sponsor: Policy Exchange

Published Source:

  • Munira Mirza, Abi Senthilkumaran and Zein Ja'far, Living Apart Together: British Muslims and the Paradox of Multiculturalism, London: Policy Exchange, 2007
  • The Times, 29 January 2007
  • Daily Express, 29 January 2007
  • Daily Telegraph, 29 January 2007
  • http://www.populuslimited.com
  • http://www.policyexchange.org.uk

    BRIN ID: 2960


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