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Religious beliefs, practices and attitudes of evangelical Christians (2969)

Type of Data: Religious beliefs, practices and attitudes of evangelical Christians (2969)

Faith Community: Christianity

Date: 2010

Geography: United Kingdom

Sample Size: 17298 (14511 festival-goers, 1159 churchgoers, 1239 black majority churchgoers, 389 unspecified)

Population: Adults aged 16 and over attending seven Christian festivals (CLAN, ECG, Grapevine, Keswick, New Horizon, New Wine and Spring Harvest), 35 member churches of the Evangelical Alliance, and black majority churches and conferences

Keywords: Abortion, assisted suicide, Bible, Bible reading, charitable giving, church attendance, churchgoing, church leadership, civil partnerships, community engagement, decision-making, ecumenism, environment, error, evangelicals, evangelism, evolution, extra-marital sex, faith, general election, giving, God, government, hell, homosexuality, importance of faith, inspired word of God, inter-faith working, Jesus Christ, media, miraculous gifts of the Spirit, mission, morality, news, politics, prayer, self-assessed Christianity, small groups, social action, supreme authority, tithing, unity, volunteering, voting, women, workplace

Collection Method: Self-completion questionnaire

Collection Agency: Christian Research

Sponsor: Evangelical Alliance

Published Source:

  • 21st Century Evangelicals: A Snapshot of the Beliefs and Habits of Evangelical Christians in the UK, London: Evangelical Alliance, 2011
  • http://www.eauk.org
  • http://www.brin.ac.uk/news/?p=826
  • Baptist Times, 28 January 2011

    BRIN ID: 2969


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