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Attitudes to people of different races and religions (3097)

Type of Data: Attitudes to people of different races and religions (3097)

Faith Community: General, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism

Date: 2007-2008

Geography: Local survey. Blackburn (Lancashire), Kirkless (West Yorkshire) and York

Sample Size: 4422 (930 in Blackburn, 1376 in Kirklees and 2116 in York)

Population: Secondary school pupils aged 11-16 at comprehensive, church, and independent schools

Keywords: Christians, church attendance, churchgoing, extraversion, friends, God, importance of religion, Islamophobia, Muslims, neighbours, outgroup, personality, prayer, prejudice, proximity, psychoticism, relationships, religiosity, religious affiliation, Sikhs, theistic faith, tough-mindedness

Collection Method: Self-completion questionnaire

Collection Agency: Adrian Alan Brockett

Published Source:

  • Adrian Alan Brockett, Andrew Village and Leslie John Francis, 'Assessing Outgroup Prejudice among Secondary School Pupils in Northern England: Introducing the Outgroup Prejudice Index', Research in Education, No. 83, May 2010, pp. 67-77
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  • Leslie John Francis, Adrian Alan Brockett, and Andrew Village, 'Measuring Attitude toward Theistic Faith: Assessing the Astley-Francis Scale among Christian, Muslim, and Secular Youth in England', Research in Education, No. 89, May 2013, pp. 70-81

    BRIN ID: 3097


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