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Beliefs, practices and attitudes of professing Christians (3103)

Type of Data: Beliefs, practices and attitudes of professing Christians (3103)

Faith Community: Christianity, Alternative

Date: 2011, 1-7 April

Geography: United Kingdom

Sample Size: 1136

Population: Self-identifying Christians aged 15 and over

Keywords: Abortion, assisted suicide, astrology, baptism, Bible, bishops, census, Christianity, Christians, Church and State, church attendance, churchgoing, Church of England, collective worship, creationism, extra-marital sex, faith schools, fate, ghosts, God, government, heaven, hell, homosexuality, hospital chaplaincy, House of Lords, Jesus Christ, legislation, morality, National Health Service, New Testament, non-religious community activities, official religion, prayer, public life, public policy, reincarnation, religious activities, religious affiliation, religious education, Resurrection, right and wrong, schools, science, self-assessed religiosity, socialization, state religion, Sunday school, supernatural intelligence, upbringing, voting

Collection Method: Face-to-face interview

Collection Agency: Ipsos MORI

Sponsor: Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science (UK)

Published Source:

  • http://richarddawkins.net
  • http://www.ipsos-mori.com/
  • http://www.brin.ac.uk/news/2012/census-christians/

    BRIN ID: 3103


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