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Spiritual beliefs and practices (3319)

Type of Data: Spiritual beliefs and practices (3319)

Faith Community: General, Alternative

Date: 2013, 4-5 September

Geography: Great Britain

Sample Size: 2036

Population: Adults aged 18 and over

Keywords: Afterlife, angels, astrology, aura reading, Ayurveda session, crystals, demons, devil, events in the human world, events in the natural world, explanations, faith healer, God, healing, heaven, hell, humans, Jinns, life after death, material beings, miracles, other animals, people's thoughts, power of deceased ancestors, prayer, praying for the sick, reflexology, Reiki, reincarnation, religious affiliation, science, sense of peace, soul, spirits, spiritual being, spiritual forces, spiritual healer, star signs reading, tarot card reading

Collection Method: Online interview

Collection Agency: ComRes

Sponsor: Theos and CTVC

Published Source:

  • The Spirit of Things Unseen: Belief in Post-Religious Britain, London: Theos, 2013
  • http://www.comres.co.uk
  • http://www.brin.ac.uk/news/2013/things-unseen-and-other-news/
  • Daily Telegraph, 17 October 2013
  • Church of England Newspaper, 25 October 2013

    BRIN ID: 3319


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