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Religious affiliation, practices, beliefs, and opinions (3354)

Type of Data: Religious affiliation, practices, beliefs, and opinions (3354)

Faith Community: General

Date: 2012, May-2013, April

Geography: Great Britain

Sample Size: 9841

Population: Adults aged 42

Keywords: Church attendance, conflict, God, intolerance, life after death, membership of religious groups, peace, people with strong religious beliefs, readership of religious books, religion of upbringing, religions, religious affiliation, trust in religious faith, trust in science

Collection Method: Face-to-face interview and self-completion questionnaire

Collection Agency: TNS BMRB

Sponsor: Centre for Longitudinal Studies, Institute of Education, University of London, with funding from Economic and Social Research Council

Published Source:

  • http://www.brin.ac.uk/news/2014/christian-country-and-other-news/
  • http://www.brin.ac.uk/news/2015/comres-on-religion-and-other-news/
  • David Voas, The Mysteries of Religion and the Lifecourse, Centre for Longitudinal Studies Working Paper 2015/1, London: Centre for Longitudinal Studies, 2015

    BRIN ID: 3354


    Forty-Two Year Follow-Up of the 1970 British Cohort Study, following the lives of babies born during one week in 1970. Dataset available at UKDA as SN 7473.

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